<h3>Finlay</h3>Finlay is our sixth, and latest, grandchild with a lovely, gentle character (so far!). <h3>Maisie</h3>Maisie (grandchild number 3) has changed a lot since we last saw her at Christmas 2011.  She has developed into a beautiful little girl with an endearing smile. <h3>Eve</h3>Eve is our first grandchild and is a lovely chatterbox with a twinkle in her eye!  She loves to pose. <h3>Hamish</h3>Here is Hamish - grandchild number 5 - and is as bright as a button, with a mind of his own. There is no mistaking that Hamish is a boy! <h3>Rob</h3>Big-hearted Rob with his infectious and positive attitude to everything. <h3>Claire</h3>Claire is supermum, with 3 children under 5.  It is great that she can get a little bit of a break on holiday from full-time mumming. <h3>Lucy</h3>It is great to spend some extended time with Dan,Lucy and Hamish.  They are loving parents, though are sometimes perplexed that Hamish doesn't always respond to requests! <h3>Maisie and Bob</h3>Umbrellas for Maisie and Eve were great hits! <h3>Our house</h3>The holiday house at Jervis Bay is literally on the beach - it is exceptionally well appointed with great views from the balcony and good swimming from the beach. <h3>View from the house</h3>This is an evening view over Jervis Bay - if it wasn't for the four children, it would be very calm and quiet. <h3>Our private beach</h3>Paradise! <h3>On the beach</h3>Eve and Maisie love building sandcastles and Hamish enjoys smashing them! <h3>Kookaburra on balcony</h3>Laying in bed the first morning, Lynne said she could hear monkeys being strangled - in fact it was kookaburras acting normally.  This is one on our balcony. <h3>Eve posing</h3>Point a camera at Eve and she can't help posing! <h3>Finlay on beach</h3>Finlay is very happy on the beach - eating sand or splashing at the water's edge. <h3>Dan, Rob and nippers</h3>Two proud dads with two of their lovely children. <h3>On balcony</h3>Looking up to the balcony from the grass below. <h3>Dinner</h3>It is strongly recommended to take a professional chef on holiday with you.  We have enjoyed lovely meals every evening as well as proper breakfasts and delicious lunches. <h3>Bath time</h3>They look so sweet and innocent, but wait for fireworks at bedtime. <h3>Kangaroos</h3>On the way back from the beach, Eve organised a kangaroo hunt and was successful! <h3>Claire and Finlay</h3>While the three older children were playing in the surf, Finlay looked on enviously. <h3>On the surf beach</h3>Even though the weather was cloudy and windy, the children really enjoyed jumping in and out of the rough waves. <h3>Map of Jervis Bay</h3>Our house is on Orion Beach near Vincenzia. <h3>Finlay on beach (again!)</h3>Finlay is a quiet but busy wee fellow. <h3>Rob, Claire and children</h3>Rob has now had the snip, so the family is complete! <h3>Maisie on beach</h3>There are two Maisies: happy or sad - this is happy Maisie! <h3>Dad and son</h3>Rob tends to throw his children great heights into the air - here he has a firm grip. <h3>Sydney Opera House</h3>We couldn't avoid this photo, taken from a ferry <h3>Sydney harbour bridge</h3>The other great icon of Sydney - again taken from the ferry <h3>Darling Harbour</h3>A buzz of activity in Sydney - harbour, monorail, restaurants, bars, skyscrapers, etc. <h3>Lionel the lizard</h3>Our friendly 10 inch lizard in Jervis Bay lived under the fridge but particularly liked visiting Lynne in her bedroom <h3>Hamish flying</h3>Dan also entered the child throwing competition. <h3>Lynne and Eve</h3>On the ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour <h3>Out for a jog</h3>This would have been by far the best photograph of the holiday.</p><p>Whilst jogging around Queens park a pack of young adoni - bronzed, topless males in skimpy shorts - jogged towards me; it was a wondrous sight to behold!</p><p>By the third lap we were on speaking terms and I thought I was in with a chance - but then they were gone!</p><p>Lynne (pensioner)</p><p><i>PS - According to Rob they were the Bondi Beach Lifesavers who train in Queens Park</i> <h3>Finlay and Grandpa</h3>He made a beeline for my wallet, ignored the National Trust, Blood Donor and Senior Rail cards and went straight for a debit card to chew. <h3>Rob and friends</h3>From left this is Rob, Rob and Chris - the other Rob and Chris have a one year-old each and on our last day we met on Balmoral Beach in Sydney.  The three boys (men) are all equally obsessed with fitness.